“For love covers a multitude of sins.” Apostle Peter writes a wonderful lesson that would be hard to learn.

When one strikes our cheek, we strike back (even harder at times). To remain kind, gracious and loving portrays not a weakness rather a strength. To remain calm and poised when degraded is a hard posture. Often, when I am shamed, I defend myself and to the best of my abilities defame the other person. I fire up subtle yet cutting words and make sure it hits the bullseye. I don’t let go of the bow until I know for sure the arrow hits perfectly.

However, this is not grace. This is not “love.” It is hatred, bitterness, and grudge that wanted so much to attack and to murder another. To love regardless is impossible until we experience unconditional love ourselves.

It comes hand in hand with forgiving nevertheless. Because when we love, we forgive a person of whatever hurt he or she has caused us. When we forgive nevertheless, we don’t instantly forget the hurt, but we choose to let go and give the person another chance.

Forgiveness and love are inseparable. Each time we choose to love, we choose to forgive. When we forgive, we are choosing to love.

It is in the inconveniences that we understand what these two really mean. When we are hurt intentionally or unintentionally, we bridle our tongue not to speak condemnation and accusation. We hold our fist in order not to punch someone in the face and we keep our feet on the ground so they won’t kick anybody we are angry of. We control our heart and mind so no further damage may be done. Love and forgiveness are shown in gentleness and humility.

What I am saying may be out of bounds. In fact, it may be radical to many. But to love regardless and to forgive nevertheless is to let go for your sake.





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