April 1, 2017


if you want to be a wanderbuoyer

Let us travel together! I want to know more about you and your life adventure(s).


We come from different experiences of life. We are of different ages, of different races, of different traditions, of different lives.

So imagine this! We can come together and learn from each other. We need not travel so far (But if opportunities come, we should!) to experience the life of one another because we can share the joy, the memories, even the pains and the heartaches.

The Wanderbuoy desires to find a refuge for every heart. We seek a purpose at one point in our lives and there are markings we will never forget. Wanderbuoy is about life, about wandering and about learning. It is about memories of pilgrimage and lessons in the journey. It is about faith that matters. It is about family, friendship, love and eternity.