“Come, walk on water.”

To hear these words for the first time made me feel fear. “Uh no! I will never do that. Never! Even in my insanity.”

But hey! Thinking about it is sure fun. But still, “No!” Thinking again this might make me a record holder in the Guinness and everyone will look up to me and I will find a reason to be proud. Still, I don’t care. And I never will.┬áBut in the deepest recesses of my heart, I know I have to get moving and try it even though I fail.

So why not try? Perhaps, I can find new meaning in it and learn something.

Life is like walking on water. Unless we dare to tread the unthinkable, we will never learn. One man once told his friend, “Come, walk on water,” while standing in the middle of the sea in a dark night. Curious enough, the friend did. For a moment it seemed a potential applaudable act of courage, but when the wind blew, he faltered the way his faith crumbled in doubt and fear. What the man did was important in that moment of collapse. He reached out his hand and sighed, “Why did you doubt.”

Often we doubt. We doubt our potential and we doubt others capacity to hold us in fragile times. Life offers us a lot of opportunities to practice a faith that says, “I will do this regardless.”

So why not try again?

“What if I fail?” We ask questions one to one hundred just to make sure we will succeed. And if one answer doesn’t satisfy our need for assurance, we back out. This is human frailty.

“What if I miss this?” It is this question which should have been weightier than the former. What if someday we regret what we never did. What if we die along with only wishes and hopes and what ifs?

It is the most devastating life I guess.

When you are at the bleakest moment of your life, please get up, go back to your senses and trust again. Life cannot bring you down where you can’t rise again unless you allow it. No one can crash you enough to tell you that life is over. Because life is a series of new and wonderful beginnings. (As I say these to you, I tell it to myself too).

So if you think it is impossible

It’s not! Walk on water if that is what it takes to start anew. Walk on water if that is what it takes to rise above the challenges of life. Walk on water even if it feels like drowning.


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